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Centro del Mare

  • Centro del Mare encompasses all marine related disciplines, resulting in a collection of highly specialized and multidisciplinary skills.

    Here, more than 400 researchers carry out their teaching and research activity about the sea.

    Thanks to their activities, Università di Genova ranks among the best universities in the world on marine and maritime topics.

  • Liguria is the Italian region where the sea economy has the greatest impact on the business sector. Our region offers the most important shipbuilding companies in the world, ports, companies and professional studios, protected marine areas, cruise ships and tourism.

    Università di Genova and Liguria are therefore the ideal place to study and experience the sea in its various forms: environmental, productive, recreational and social.

  • Mezzi marini, robotica e subacquea
    Sea-going, robotic and underwater vessels
  • Sistemi di trasporto marittimo, logistica ed economia portuale
    Maritime transport systems, logistics, and port economics
  • Infrastrutture costiere e off-shore
    Coastal and off-shore infrastructures
  • Biologia ed ecologia marina
    Coastal and off-shore infrastructures
  • Ambiente marino e coste
    Marine biology and ecology
  • Risorse energetiche dal mare
    Sea energy resources
  • Turismo e crociere
    Tourism and cruising
  • Sport del mare
    Sea sport
  • Diritto del mare e della navigazione
    Maritime and seafaring Law
  • Storia e cultura del mare
    History and culture of the sea

Teaching units

In addition to the 5 bachelor's degrees and 8 master's degrees, with training courses entirely dedicated to the sea, the sea is the subject of many other teachings in other courses of study. In total, Università di Genova offers more than 200 courses covering many scientific fields:

    • Sea-going, robotic and underwater vessels
    • Maritime transport systems, logistics, and port economics
    • Coastal and off-shore infrastructures
    • Marine biology and ecology
    • Marine and coastal environments
    • Sea energy resources
    • Tourism and cruising
    • Sea sport
    • Maritime and seafaring Law
    • History and culture of the sea
  • Phd course

    The PhD course in Marine Science and Technology includes teaching activities on the themes of the Blue Growth Strategy, with particular focus on sustainable development. The course is divided into 6 curricula involving different scientific areas:

    • Logistics and transport
    • Science of the marine ecosystem
    • Marine and Nautical Design
    • Energy machinery and systems for the sea
    • Engineering for Marine and Coastal Environments
    • Marine and Nautical Engineering - marine technologies

    All curricula present a strong integration with the natural and productive specificities of the territory and are up to the needs of innovation and technological development. With 23 places, the PhD course in Marine Science and Technology at Università di Genova is the largest doctorate dedicated to the sea in Italy

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  • diver
    Credits: Matthew Hoelscher

Research and technological transfer

  • Genova
  • Liguria and the sea

    Liguria is the capital of the sea as investments in research and development are higher than the national average. Liguria hosts centres of research excellence and UniGe is the second Italian university for spin-off companies.

    Liguria is the first region in Italy for:

    • incidence of Sea Economy enterprises
    • concentration of shipbuilding companies
    • handling of containers
    • pleasure craft registered in the maritime offices and by number of berths
    • cruise passengers
    • amount of bandiere blu
    • percentage of graduates in relation to the population
    • ICT patents

    Moreover, Liguria is:

    • leader in the field of maritime cargo insurance companies
    • venue for events of international importance, such as the International Boat Show, Genoa Shipping Week, the Blue Economy Summit and the Festival del Mare
    • second Italian region for km of protected coastline
    • third region for employees in high-tech sectors